The art on our building

2801 Walnut is nearly 100 years old and contains original ceramic tiles embedded into gorgeous red brick. We invited Keya Tama to join us in supporting Denver walls 2023 as muralist for Corisca. He wove panels of the original brick and the untouched ceramic tiles into an incredible tapestry of colors that spans the entirety of our exterior.

Keya Tama Keya Tama

Above: partial view of ‘Labour of Love’ by Keya Tama.

Keya Tama is a South African artist based in New York. His style can be described as ancient contemporary minimalism as his practice explores the contrast between ancient iconographies and modern folklore.

"Labour of Love," portrays an iconic hero, seamlessly blending horseback riding with ceramics, birds, and geometric shapes to narrate a modern folktale for Denver. Designed to honor the architecture and color palette of the nearly century-old building, the mural incorporates loose and gridded shapes, mirroring the building's structure. The horseback rider pausing symbolizes a traveler in a moment of presence, urging viewers to embrace stillness and absorb the world. Vases represent the legacy and passing down of craft and stories, with mirrored flowers signifying love. Two-headed birds serve as guardians, while geometric patterns echo ancient tile work. Home motifs reflect the muralist's belief in the importance of places of social significance. A mirrored home represents the intertwining of spiritual and physical realms, influenced by the love within and our collective stories held by the time keepers. A lamb-boy symbolizes innocence and reminds the rider of curiosity and playfulness, while a fox guides through clues. Two mirroring birds represent love, and three shoes symbolize past, present, and future. Tama's art combines ancient and contemporary motifs, drawing from global inspiration to create a dreamlike homage to narratives like those found in Coelho's "The Alchemist," Jung's "Red Book," and Murakami's "Kafka on the Shore."


The art in our building


The art inside the restaurant is comprised of original paintings and photography by Drew Austin McConnell. Inquiries can be sent to

Pictured: a painting from his “Almost Gone” series (concrete and pigment), a ten-foot-high mixed media painting, and a photograph from Camogli, IT.

Drew Austin McConnell fishing nets
Drew Austin McConnell
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