Hourly Benefits include: Weekly pay schedules. Paid Time Off. Flexible schedule options. Wine Education Reimbursement. medical, dental, and vision coverage. 50% Employee Dining Discount. Daily Family Meal. Paid Volunteerism. Referral Bonus Program. Promotion Opportunity. Employee Assistance Program.

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Working at Corsica Wine Bar offers more than a job that pays for hours worked. We are committed to nurturing our employees to learn beyond their basic job functions. To truly gain experience that will take them further in their careers, whether that career is within the Corsica Wine Bar company or somewhere else.

Learning & Development

We passionately believe in growth and development. Whether someone is with us for a short or long time, we believe that the education and experience gained is of massive value and so we emphasize it at all times. The restaurant industry is one of the few that can provide someone an entry-level starting path, and in a few short years, the capability to run a vibrant business and earn six figures. We also believe that every step therein provides valuable learning and growth that is useful in any other career someone may choose to step in after working with us.

Wine Education

It’s literally part of the job. Every bartender, server and manager is required to gain knowledge of the wines on our list, and wine in general. We have developed a library of wine education tools via our internal learning management system that all employees have access to. Our Beverage Team has developed sommelier level classes that focus on the details of our list’s regions, and team members have the opportunity to become a Certified Wine Trainer that can teach the in-depth knowledge classes to the staff. We offer full course reimbursement for any team member that pursues wine knowledge and sommelier certification courses.

Hourly Benefits
Flexible schedule options & weekly pay
paid time off
  • Up to 40hrs/yr
wine education reimbursement
  • 100% reimbursement*
medical, dental, and vision coverage

*after 60 days of employment and HealthWorx an alternative health insurance option at no cost to you.

50% employee dining discount + daily family meal
paid volunteerism
  • 32hrs/yr
  • In addition to PTO, all employees earn paid hours for volunteering to support our local communities.
referral bonus program
  • Recruit a GM or EC = $2000 | Manager or Sous = $1000 | Server, Bartender, or Cook = $500 | Support Staff = $250
promotion opportunity
  • Hourly growth opportunities as well as management career advancements.
Employee assistance program

In addition to the hourly benefits

paid time off
  • 1-2 yrs = 10 days | 2-5 yrs = 15 days | 5+ yrs = 20 days
paid family leave
  • Maternity = 6 weeks / non-birthing parent = 3 weeks
    *available after 6 months of service
quarterly dining allowance
  • GM / EC = $300 qtr
  • Manager / Sous = $200 qtr
student loan reimbursement (up to $300 a month)
  • 1 yr = $100 mo | 2 yrs = $200 mo | 3+ yrs = $300 mo